We are building a community of
Christian Homesteaders

Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible and be able to live in a community of people serving God. In the hard times to come, we want to be able to feed our families and local churches when Christians are not able to buy food.


Located in Greene County, VA

We are located just 30mins north of Charlottesville, VA and 30mins south of Culpeper, VA. We are also just 1hr 30mins from Richmond, VA and 2hrs from Washington, DC.

The Two Farms

Goshen Meadows consists of two farms located across the road from each other. The first one borders the Rapidan River and access roads have been built throughout the land. The other one has a small creek runing through it and currently has alfafa growing.

350 Acres of
Beautiful Land

Once owned by the Lamb family, the land that makes up Goshen Meadows is some of the most amazing land in Greene County. With spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and bordering the Rapidan River, this land is truly beautiful.

Grange Commons

Pastures at Greene


Our plan is to offer a number of 2 acre plots for homesteaders to build on and farm. You will have the choice of what you want to grow on your land and then you will be able to proticipate in the larger farm.

Example Layouts

Here are a few examples of what your homestead could look like but the way you design your homestead is up to you.


Here is our current plan for housing. This is likely to change and be refined over the coming months. These photos give you some ideas of what the houses might look like.

Large Families

Here are some photos of the designs we are considering for larger families.

Smaller Families

Here are some photos of the designs we are considering for smaller families.

Barns and Dorms

We plan to have both a men's and women's dorm, one will go on one of the farms and the other on the other farm. We have not determined a design for these yet but it will most likely be inspired by these below.


We are currently in the process of planning and building barns.


Here are some examples of the barns we are looking at for inspiration.